Highlights of Sunday’s Coalition of Haliburton Property Associations (CHA) Annual General Meeting

-38 Haliburton County lake associations in attendance

-Classic AGM format:  Treasurer’s report, Board of Director nominations/reelection, but no minutes from prior year’s meeting (motions can be downloaded below)

-1st agenda item was on algal blooms: Muskoka area reported 16+, Haliburton County 8. Key reasons:  higher air/water temperatures activating phosphorus in lakes, shorter periods of ice coverage on lakes increases water temperatures, severe rainfall runoff into lakes is increasing the phosphorus amounts. Key focus needs to be on healthy septic systems and natural shorelines.  (Good news for us is that Algonquin Highlands Township has a mandatory septic inspection program whereas the other 3 Townships in Haliburton County don’t.)

-The 2nd agenda item was the draft shoreline protection bylaw:  Paul Macinnes, CHA President,  worries that the bylaw as currently written will be “toothless”.  Need to have permits, site alteration plans, stiffer penalties.  Encouraged the group to be active in lobbying Council members to pass tougher rules. 

-CHA priorities for the upcoming year: 1. Re-naturalization of shorelines (many lakes in Haliburton County have a high % of “ornamental” shorelines which are most likely to have .). CHA has contracted with Red Brick, a communication firm to help convey the need for healthy shorelines to property owners. 2. Invasive species: 185+ invasive species have been identified in the Province. Need to get awareness and eradication programs out to property owners. 

-CHA will have a special meeting in January regarding lake health. Topics: 3yr. calcium/wood ash project update, invasive species, shoreline preservation, septic re-inspection. 

-Volunteers needed to fill the roles of: Website manager, new Secretary, Financial Director, Chair (Paul will retire in the next few years).